Here at APDesign we customise our services to suit your needs. Below are bespoke packages that can be altered to your specific situation.

All our designs are personality based. This means that who you are, how you live and what you find important are central to each design.

To find out more please contact us at or via the contact page.

Home Buyers Package

This package is great if you have recently moved into a new home. APDesign will help you to find the right direction to decorate your home.

In this package we focus on 3 areas/rooms (chosen by you) in your new home. No doubt you have many ideas and probably a ton of images saved, but now need help filtering through it all and getting a more concrete plan. We can do this!

Let’s have a look at the 3 spaces together, go through all your ideas and images and put a design file together to help focus your dreams.

Colour Consultation

Colour can be a scary thing to add to your home. However, changing the colour on your walls in one of the most effective and cheapest ways to instantly change the feel of your home.

There are so many choices and it can all become a little overwhelming. Thsi shouldn’t stop you from adding that colour you love though!

With this consultation we walk through the spaces you are looking to add colour (or change the colour of) to while discussing the use of the space. Love walking into your home after work!

Space Design

This is a great package to help you out when you want to redocorate a single or multiple spaces in your current home. Every space needs a fresh look pnce in a while, why not take the time to create the space of your dreams?

With this option you can choose whether to simple get a helping hand in narrowing down choices and/or generating ideas. Or take it a step further and leave the entire design, from concept design to the very last detail placement up to us. (or a combination of both of course!)

Home Staging

When selling your home you want your home to look great and impress potential buyers. We all have trouble seeing what our home really looks like to others and this may have an impact on how your home is presented to those potential buyers.

We can help you prepare your home in the best way possible way to attract as amny buyers as possible. A simple walkthrough with you will allow us to see your home and identify areas to adrress. This may be a simple tidy, clean and declutter or may lead to a a list with suggested improvements

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